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King Creek at Cherry Branch


King Creek at Cherry Branch is a single family residential community which began in 2013.  The first phase contains 17 lots and when fully developed the project will be 90+ lots in scope. This is a family friendly community with many walking and common areas and close proximity to the Cherry Branch/Minnesott Beach ferry.

Stormwater Design

Stormwater from this project was designed to drain through a system of two  stormwater wet detention basins and one level spreader with vegetated filter.  This design makes offsite stormwater discharge very minimal and maximizes environmental friendliness. 

Wastewater Design

Lots in this subdivision are served by individual septic systems. 

Water Design

Over 5,000 linear feet of water lines were designed  to accommodate this project.  Existing surrounding municipality water lines were tapped to supply the community.

Additional Information

King Creek at Cherry Branch Site Plan


          Project Photos




Level Spread