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Civil Engineering

Thomas Engineering provides civil engineering services in the areas of stormwater management, water line extensions, sewer line extensions, sewer pump station design, and onsite wastewater systems.  We strive to produce practical projects that maximize constructability while minimizing development costs.  We work with local municipalities' planning and engineering offices and state organizations to permit projects in a timely manner.  Our group is constantly looking for innovative ways to ease impacts on the environment and communities.   

Land Development

Thomas Engineering meets with developers  prior to property purchase to discuss project feasibility and consult on cost analyses.  We compile expense takeoffs to give the client accurate estimates of all expenses that they will incur throughout the life of the project.  Using powerful software and engineering tools, we are able to conceptualize various design layouts to maximize practicality and attractiveness.   We offer full services to turn any undeveloped site into desirable facility.  

Project Management

Upon completion of the design phase of the project we provide project management services acting as an agent for our clients.  We bid our designs to respected area contractors, award projects, and process pay requests throughout the life of the site development.  During the course of construction we provide inspection services on site to verify installation practices and construction processes are being performed at or above design standards and specifications.  Upon completion of the site improvements, finally we offer engineering certification to organizations as required.



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