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Longleaf Pines


Longleaf Pines a single family residential community which began construction in 2005.  This project consists of 210 lots, several open and community area for recreation, perimeter wooded areas, and fencing for aesthetics and privacy, and sidewalks for walking throughout.

Stormwater Design

Stormwater from this project is transported by a combination of curb and gutter systems and subsurface storm drainage pipe.  Project stormwater travels through one of the three wet detention basins constructed throughout the site.  

Wastewater Design

All sewer wastewater for this site is transported offsite to the neighboring subdivision pump station by means of gravity piping networks.  This was possible due to the depth of the existing facility.  All sewer mains are laid within roadway rights of way.

Water Design

Over 5,000 linear feet of water lines were designed  to accommodate the lots of Longleaf Pines.  An existing municipality water line was tied onto in two  locations  while valving was arranged to accommodate project phasing.



          Project Photos